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EMTTLF - European Master's in Transnational Trade Law Finance

EMTTLF - European Master's in Transnational Trade Law Finance

Title of the Masters Course:
EMTTLF - European Master's in Transnational Trade Law Finance

Duration: 2 years

Course description:
The course in Transnational Law and Finance contains 120 ECTS credits
that the students will
follow in two academic years and in three of the four participating
The Programme offers one year of core courses, which provide the
fundamental competencies
at an advanced level, needed to be able to confront trans-national
trade cases. The itinerary is
built in a complementary manner starting with the University of
Deusto that will focus on the
European set up, and moving forward to a more comparative and
worldwide approach in the
case of Tilburg.
1st Component. (Deusto)
In relation to methodology this semester sets the bases of problem
solving and analytical
thinking at an advanced level counting on the cooperation and
relevant case studies offered by
representatives of International Organizations dealing with
experience in the field of
international transactions.
In relation to the contents developed, the Master begins offering a
view of the main
achievements of those Organizations as well as an analysis of the
main European Union
Instruments in Private International Law relevant for Trans-national
2nd component. (Tilburg)
During this period, the students move from the European level to the
International context. The
international and comparative focus prepares them for working in
international and emerging
markets. Also they begin having an option that prepares them to
choose the specialization in
the coming year.

For the second year three specialization areas offered: Law and
Finances in the Institute of Law
and Finance in Frankfurt University and European Business Law and
Industrial and Intellectual
Property in the Robert Schumann Strasbourg University.

The Programme presents therefore two important elements:
The core courses that must be followed by all the students. This part
of the Master offers every
European or non-European student the necessary tools for the analysis
of Trans-national trade

The specialization in which the students can choose and the
professional or research path.
The course also offers linguistic and thematic preparatory courses.
3rd Component: Specializations.
The third component gives the students the possibility of deepening
their knowledge in three
different fields of study, European Business Law; Finance, and
Industrial and Intellectual

The students, that will be able to choose between the professional
and research path, will be
divided in three groups that will follow 60 ECTS either in Frankfurt
or in Strasburg.
4th Component: Research/internship

The forth semester includes the forth component of the Programme:
According to prior experience and future professional paths, master
students will be able to
choose the balance between two elements.

The research component aims at professionals able to:
·Elaborate innovative solutions to the problems.
·Approach reality with creative thinking
·Analyse data and asses results


University of Deusto, Spain (Co-ordinating institution)
Robert Schumann University - Strasbourg III, France
Tilburg University, the Netherlands
Institute for Law and Finance, Germany

Maria Pilar Canedo Arrillaga
University of Deusto
Avenida de las Universidades, 24
ES-48007 Bilbao, SPAIN


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