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Ph.D. Vacancy (4 years): "Optical Lab in a Package"


Job Description:

The "Optical Lab in a Package" project, in which several Dutch partners
participate, is funded by the Dutch program "Smart-SiP" (Smart System in a
Package). In this project, nano/microtechnolog y will be used for the
implementation of the optical as well as electronic functions to end up with
sugar-cube sized devices. Based on the competences at the IOMS group
(silicon oxynitride based CMOS-compatible photonics) and the ICD group
(innovative CMOS electronic circuits), state-of-the- art photonic circuits
are combined with high-speed

photodetectors in the GHz range. More specifically, IOMS will work on the
efficient connection between an integrated optical Raman spectrometer and a
CMOS-based photodiode. ICD will optimize the diode structure and develop
novel circuitry to process the photocurrent. The industrial partner, River
Diagnostics, will guide the project with respect to system aspects and
provide specifications for realistic applications. Ultimately, the Optical
Lab in a Package will be employed as a key component in a potentially
mass-produced apparatus relevant for lifestyle applications:
spectroscopy- based measurement of UV-induced (i.e sunbathing induced) skin
damage that may cause skin cancer.


The candidate should have a background in (integrated) optics. Experience in
one or more of the following fields will be advantageous: theory of
integrated optics, simulation and design of integrated optical devices,
clean-room technology, photonics technology, and optical characterization

In addition, a Master or Diploma in Physics, Optics, or Electrical
Engineering is required before the starting date. Very good knowledge of
scientific English and the ability to write wellstructured reports in that
language are required.


The Integrated Optical Micro Systems (IOMS) group is part of the MESA+
Institute for Nanotechnology of the University of Twente, offering an
inspiring and multidisciplinary research environment. For more details about
our research group, the job descriptions of the currently open positions,
and future research positions on similar subjects, please visit our webpage:
http://ioms. ewi.utwente. nl/.

Conditions of Employment:

We offer an interesting temporary research position in a dynamic and
international environment.

The assignment is for 4 years. The candidate is expected to finish the
project with a Ph.D. thesis and disseminate the results through publications
in peer-reviewed journals and presentations at international conferences.
The Ph.D. student will receive a starting salary of 1956 Euro (gross per
month), rising to 2502 Euro in the fourth year, plus excellent secondary
labor conditions.


For your application, download the application form available at our webpage
(http://ioms. ewi.utwente. nl/openpositions /), complete the application form
and send it, along with all documents indicated therein as attachments, to
the e-mail address m.pollnau@ewi. utwente.nl. The application deadline is

IOMS, MESA+ Research Institute, University of Twente, P.O. Box 217, 7500 AE
Enschede, The Netherlands

http://ioms. ewi.utwente. nl/.

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